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Indigo Lumieres is a new adventure by Gastón Aliaga & Fernando Carande. It’s an industrial design studio. An experimental playground where they create objects that push the boundaries of light.

Every light object is designed from zero. They enhance the lines and curves of different architectural spaces where they are displayed. Their passion in creating things out of their comfort zone is what we found inspiring. We delivered a new brand design and mini site for this new adventure. Let there be light.


Indigo is a colour of the spectrum. But is a phantom as well. Isaac Newton first described it in his New theory of light and colors. For many people the famous colour number 7 doesn’t exist. The eye can’t differenciate the range so deep in the blue zone. So we might invent it. It’s there because someone created it. And that’s the essence of Indigo and their journey.

What we did

Brand design
Web design


As part of the visual identity, we developed a set of graphics that represents different stages and forms of light. The main idea was always to bring a fresh look into an industrial activity.


Light travelling in straight line

Please visit www.indigolumieres.com
to get a full view of our work.